Ngage is a regular and relaxed meeting for young children who haven’t yet started school and their parents or caregivers. In Ngage, children do organized play activities together while their parents or caregivers supervise and socialize.

Creative and unstructured learning through play is essential to the development of young children, helping children and their parents to explore and understand their world.  The benefits of playgroup are seen across all domains of child development: physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive development and communication. 

Major benefits of Ngage include: 

  • Provides opportunities for creative, unstructured learning through play;
  • Builds attachments between adults and children as they play together and share time and experiences;
  • Helps children develop social skills as they learn to interact with others, take turns, share and make friends;
  • Provides experiences that enable them to manage stress and adapt to change;
  • Offers opportunities for children to explore, invent, reason and solve problems.