Beyond Learning and Cura Personalis

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At Neldrac, we are a team of devoted educators, certified in the Australian Early Years Learning Framework for Early Childhood Education and Child Care. Our vibrant, dynamic, and inspiring program is the brainchild of our seasoned early learning educators. We believe in the inherent curiosity and individual pace of each child, a belief that forms the foundation of our flexible, engaging, and personalized programs. Our mission is to provide every child with a rich and unique learning experience, setting the stage for a successful future.

Neldrac’s distinctive curriculum emphasizes the power of play-based learning, a strategy proven to ignite curiosity, stimulate creativity, and promote lifelong learning. This approach transforms learning into a delightful experience while laying a robust foundation for academic success and personal development.

At the heart of Neldrac’s educational philosophy is the conviction that early education should transcend mere academic readiness. We envisage an environment that celebrates each child’s individuality, tailoring education to their unique interests and abilities. This vision has led to a curriculum that harmoniously integrates structured learning with opportunities for exploration and discovery, offering a balanced and enriching experience for young learners.

Neldrac’s success is gauged not merely by academic accomplishments but also by our commitment to holistic development. We place significant emphasis on nurturing well-rounded individuals who are academically adept and possess crucial life skills such as creativity, empathy, and resilience. This comprehensive approach has resonated profoundly with parents and educators, positioning Neldrac as a pioneer in early childhood education.

At Neldrac, we introduce your child to the world of knowledge in an enjoyable manner. We ignite a child’s passion for learning and create an environment where a child can ascend the ladder of knowledge with enthusiasm.

Neldrac is the culmination of extensive research that delved into various methodologies and assimilated their best practices to offer children a unique world of fun and learning.