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Of the Kids, by the Kids, for the Kids

An Australian concept
early learning center

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Pedagogical Documentation

A way to record, understand and assess children’s overall learning and interpersonal development.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.- A foundation for future innovators.


Science based approach to education breaking down teaching into attainable levels that enables a student to solve a problem.


“Children start learning from the moment they are born.”

They are curious, creative and intensely interested in themselves and the around  them. Recognizing that children are capable and confident learners in their own right is at the heart of how we approach early learning at Neldrac. Our approach draws from some of the world’s most respected and innovative thinking and research on early childhood education.

Early Years Learning Framework & iStep

The Neldrac Kids management is a dedicated group of Educators, trained from Australia and certified in Early Childhood Education and Care. We bring to your child the world of knowledge in a fun-filled manner. We kindle a child’s desire to learn and present the environment where a child can climb the steps of knowledge with enthusiasm; we have thoughtfully conceptualized this futuristic Preschool.

Neldrac is the outcome of extensive research that explored various curriculums and accumulated their best practices to present to the kids a unique world of fun and learning.

Neldrac Kids Management

Facilities We Provide


Our Preschool program helps children develop foundation literacy and numeracy skills and supports their social and emotional wellbeing – preparing them for a successful transition to school.

Neldrac Day Care

Day Care

A nurturing, stimulating, and a safe environment, with caring, qualified early learning professionals who have the best interest of the children in mind.


We understand that raising a child in today’s busy world is no easy task. We can help by supporting your child’s learning and wellbeing during these important early years. 

Pathway of Whole Learning

Best proof comes from Happy Parents!

Neldrac has really been great for my son. They have helped us as parents to foster his intellectual curiosity and development. It's clear he loves Neldrac, and we couldn't be happier with such helpful staff and management.

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Shambhavi Pandey Parent

As parents we are super happy to recommend this school to everyone. There was a vast improvement in my son over the last year and we have decided to continue further as well. Thank you Neldrac for delivering more than what you promised to us.

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Shanthi Robbi Parent

My daughter joined this school last year. We were new to the area and exploring schools/daycare. In our first interaction with Mrs. Lavanya, we felt very comfortable and it did not take us much to decide this is right school for my daughter. We are glad that we made a right decision.

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Leela Kumli Parent

Neldrac is the best pre school in this area. We were looking at various options available in our locality to get our daughter enrolled. After visiting the centre and understanding the delivery methodology they have in place, we were pretty confident that our kid will be learning by observing and playing and not be burdened by the traditional ways that focus on a set syllabus. The staff and the management are very humble and understand their respective roles. Educators exposure to Australian teaching techniques enables them to provide valuable teaching to children.

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Ashwathy Varun Parent

My daughter was in the playgroup and she enjoyed a lot. She shows interest to go to school everyday. big thanks to the teachers and care takers for their patience.. overall I had a very good experience

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Shubmoy Shikdar Parent