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    Creche & Day-care by Neldrac

    We at Neldrac have always understood the stressful situation of every employee leaving their children at home while being away for work.

    In the wake of the Maternity Benefit(Amendment) Act 2017, which mandates that companies with more than 10 employees provide a Day Care or Creche facility within the premises or a prescribed distance from the workplace, we bring to you our iStep, a conceptualized Day Care program.

    It’s a Creche & Daycare facility within your workplace vicinity (Onsite and Offsite), to help your employees focus better on work and be close to their little ones while we take great care of them.

    iStep Day Care Solution Options

    Corporates can choose from the following options:


    The corporate provides space within their premises along with all the equipment and fit-outs to operate a dedicated Day Care facility exclusively for the wards of their employees.


    Neldrac will set up a Day Care facility near the corporate office and would operate it on a non-exclusive basis. The corporates will have to block seats on a per annum basis and Neldrac will guarantee availability throughout the year for the seats blocked.

    Why Neldrac?

    • Long Day Care with Early Learning programs
    • Experienced & Qualified Educators & Teachers
    • High-Quality Resources
    • Play-Based Learnings
    • Making Children’s learning visible (Documentation)
    • Early Learning Program based on ISTEP.
    • Welcoming babies as early as from 5 months.

    Benefits to Corporate for choosing Neldrac:

    • We adhere to International National Quality Framework (NQF) and National Quality Standards (NQS) – (please refer to our policy guide)
    • Child Safety, Hygiene & Protection
    • Mandate First-aid & CPR Certifications for all our educators
    • Healthy Snacks and Meals options from our certified Child Nutritionist
    • Special Dietary needs
    • Timely Medical Check-ups from AI-based healthcare platform
    • A private, safe & secure place for breastfeeding.
    • Everyday Communication and updates via app.
    • Priority to Physical Activity
    • Correcting child’s behavior via Documentation (Certified in Documenting)
    • Celebrations