Why choose Neldrac Preschool

Delivered by qualified teachers, Neldrac Preschool program is a time of transition, learning and fun.

Creating a smooth transition to school

Our Preschool, is a high-quality early learning program delivered the year before a child starts school. It’s a crucial year where children are equipped with the vital skills needed for school and life success.

Our Preschool program helps children develop foundation literacy and numeracy skills and supports their social and emotional wellbeing – preparing them for a successful transition to school.

Neldrac partners with local and international schools (please look up our partner tab) to help tailor our programs to support each individual child to transition smoothly.

Families can expect a range of centre initiatives that build a child's school readiness such as excursions to the partnered schools to build a child's independent skills.

High-quality early learning

It’s a fact: a child only benefits from early learning when it's high quality.

Our Preschool program’s curriculum is evidence-informed. This means you can count on your child getting the very best early childhood education based on world-leading research, practices and techniques that engages their natural curiosity and provokes learning and development.

Your child will build their social skills, confidence and independence and learn foundation literacy and numeracy skills needed for success at school. Our Preschool program is delivered by university qualified Early Childhood Teachers, who also continue to learn though ongoing professional development opportunities provided by us.

Early learning experts agree: Play is so important in the early years and is the way in which children organise and make sense of the world around them as they interact with people, objects and each other.

Play allows children to explore, discover, negotiate, take risks, create meaning and solve problems – important foundations for developing literacy, numeracy and social skills.

Our Preschool program aims for the right mix of fun, structured learning and physical activity. Our Preschool teachers embed elements of teaching and learning within play experiences each and every day that children are interested in and naturally drawn to – and therefore more likely to stay engaged with.

After School Activities

Children need to be active every day to promote their healthy growth and development. Kids who establish healthy life style patterns at young age will carry them and their benefits forward for rest of their lives.

Physical activity can help kids cope with stress. It also promotes:

  • Healthy growth and development
  • Better self-esteem.
  • Stronger bones, muscles and joints .
  • Better posture and balance
  • A stronger heart
  • A healthier weight percentile.
  • Social interaction with friends
  • Learning new skills while having fun
  • Better focus and concentration during school

At Neldrac we can provide support and guidance to parents about how to start and how much activity their child needs each day. They need to feel motivated and enjoy their activities. Keeping an activity log can help them chart their progress, while praise and rewards for each small step achieved can help to keep them motivated.

We make sure that our Children should:

  • Include a warm up and cool down as part of each activity session/li>
  • Drink water before, and after activities - and have water breaks during their activities
  • Wear sunblock, a hat and sunglasses when outside in warmer weather
  • Use the right size of protective equipment
  • Start at a level that matches their current fitness level. Too much too soon can result in injury. Always play it safe

We focus on three different types of activities that promote healthy growth and development:

1. Endurance

Endurance or aerobic activities - activities that involve continuous movement of large muscle groups - increase heart rate, cause breathing to quicken, and make you work up a sweat. They are important for development of a healthy heart and lungs. Endurance activities can be lots of fun - and they don't have to be competitive. Help your children choose the right activities for them. Few examples: Dancing, Martial Arts, climbing.

2. Flexibility

Activities that encourage children to bend, stretch and reach promote flexibility. Having adequate flexibility allows children to participate in daily activities without pain or restriction from their muscles or joints. Being flexible promotes good posture, reduces muscle stiffness and soreness, increases relaxation and minimizes risk of injury. Few examples: Active play, Digging in sand, Gymnastics, Yoga.

3. Strength

Working against a resistance helps children build stronger muscles. Adequate muscular strength allows kids to deal with the demands of daily life without excessive stress on their joints and muscles. Activities that build strength promote strong bones, muscles and good posture, improve the ability to lift and manoeuvre objects and obstacles and enhance healthy growth and development. Few examples: Lifting and carrying things, climbing stairs, doing sit-ups and push-ups.

Day Care

We understand what’s important when you’re looking for a day care: a nurturing, stimulating, safe environment, with caring, qualified early learning professionals. It’s all about ‘the vibe’ when you walk into the centre – a certain happy, busy-calm balance.

It isn’t always an easy decision when it comes to a day care. It’s an emotional time for you and your child – we understand and we’re here to help!

A quality and nurturing environment is the perfect combination for your child to develop their full potential. It will also help prepare them for school.

Given their rapid development, children need to be immersed in activities and stimuli that feed their hunger for knowledge.

Children are at the centre of everything we do. Neldrac is committed to working with you to provide the ideal early learning environment for your child, both in the centre and at home.

With families as our primary partner, we can inspire a love of learning so that children go on to embrace literacy and numeracy – so vital to reaching their full potential.

At Neldrac we follow iStep framework for our Day Care program, Our educators plan and observe their daily practices through our ISTEP framework. There are five components to ISTEP:

  • Interactions and relationships
  • Space, resources and materials
  • Time, routines and rituals
  • Experiences for learning
  • Planning, documentation and evaluation


School buses have always been a common and one of the most preferred modes of transportation for school children. Parents all across the globe are using services of school buses to pick and drop their kids for past few decades. But still, when it comes to deciding whether or not to use services of a school bus for kids, many parents find it difficult to make a decision.

If you are also finding it hard to choose a mode of communication for your kid for their school, then here we are listing a few benefits of school buses to help you make a choice.

Benefits of School Buses for Parents

1. Always on time One of the most important benefits of school buses is that they arrive on time. Every morning, you know when the bus will be at the stop to pick your kid. So accordingly, you can manage your timing and ensure that your little one reaches school on time.

On the other hand, when you choose to pick and drop your kid on your own, managing time becomes a little tricky.

2. Our school bus has GPS systems GPS system on a school bus means you can always track the location of your kid. The GPS tracker empowers parents to p>know their child's location and give them peace of mind.

At the same time, it is a blessing in times of emergency; parents can easily track where the bus is and can reach the location immediately.

3. Kids make new friends From a young age, kids get to learn a lot of new things. And when they travel in school buses, they not just make new friends, but they learn sharing, companionship and how to make new friends.

These things will help them for years to come. For school going kids’, school bus is usually the best place where they get to meet new kids and make friends.

4. Kids learn to take care of their things: When kids use school buses, they learn to take care of their personal belongings, like a school bag, water bottle, and lunch box. This helps them in their overall development and well-being and makes them a responsible and independent individual.

5. Kids learn to manage their time School buses daily come at the same stop on same time. As a result, kids become very conscious and careful about the timing and learn to complete their things on time.

They get ready on time to make sure that they catch their bus. Also, another motivating factor to catch the bus on time is the friend circle they have on their bus.

6. Parents have complete peace of mind When using services of school buses, parents can rest assured about the conveyance and safety of their kids. They don’t have to worry about daily commute of their kids and to manage their to-do list according to the timing of the school. They can easily carry on with their tasks and personal commitments with complete peace of mind that the school bus will pick and drop their kid on time, without a miss no matter what.

Benefits of School Buses from School’s Point of View

1. Classes can start on time When you have school buses, you can be assured that kids and teachers will be on the school premises on scheduled time. This makes the daily schedule as smooth as possible.

2. Keep parents updated on their kids’ location with a GPS system With GPS system we can always keep parents updated about the location of their kids. They can check if the bus is following the given route and is on time. This creates a level of trust and parents become assured about the safety of their little ones.

Few General Benefits

1. Lesser Vehicles on the Road When transporting a school student to and from school, parents need not take their vehicle out during the peak traffic hours.

2. Better Environment When there is less number of vehicles on road, the emissions from vehicles are also reduced. Vehicle emissions include dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide, which has severe negative effect on the environment.
As school buses make it unnecessary for parents to transport students to and from schools, a significantly lower number of cars are there on the road, reducing the overall carbon footprint drastically. Thus, school buses contribute to a better environment.

3. Lower Accident Rate Many studies over the years have repeatedly stated that school buses have a significantly lower number of accidents on road compared to students travelling by cars.

Our Drivers

We only hire experienced school drivers carrying all the required licences and permits with them all the time, they are trained again on safety aspects whilst on roads with the school bus and especially children in it. Our drivers are also trained to keep conscience of other commuters on road and our bus keeps some tools to help any other commuter with a broke down vehicle provided our bus has no kids in it. Please note: Any commuter is free to contact us if they find any rash or irresponsible driving from our drivers.


A preventive method approach, It's a relief to parents if we take care of health & wellness of their child.


Engaging a parent and child by placing them together in an activity to make sure they have quality time together.

Mum & Bub

Educating a parent in a timely manner about current and future scenarios and how to adobt accordingly.

Cerina Studio

A thoughtful use of technology by parents and early educators can engage children in key skills such as play, self-expression and computational thinking which will support later success across all acadeic disciplines and help maintain young children's natural curiosity.