Pedagogical Documentation

A way to assess children’s learning.

Observing the children in our care can help us to better understand the strengths and weakness of each individual child. Our observations can then guide us to program and help us make adjustments to our care environment to improve a child’s behaviour and facilitate learning.

Early childhood education is not about teaching, it’s about exploration and learning, and observations play an important role in meeting the developmental needs of your young learners. Observation is often seen as one of the simplest, yet effective methods of assessing young children as they develop.

The practice of gathering analysing and reflecting on information about a child’s learning experiences in a variety of ways and recommendations about how to enhance learning.

At the Aussie Kids, Pedagogical documentation of children’s learning and development is:

  • A platform for effective reciprocal communications and collaboration between and among educators and with families.
  • An input to planning learning experiences that meet the needs and interests of children.
  • A support to practice improvement and embedded in professional development.
  • A way to make children’s learning visible.
  • A practice that happens across the planning cycle.