While no one day will ever be the same, there are common practices and routines undertaken each day. These practices form the backbone of our program, ensuring high-quality early learning that supports your child’s learning and development and school readiness.

An added feature of the Neldrac program is its flexibility and convenience – families can drop children at their convenience and as early as center opening, ahead of the teacher starting the program.

Extended child-directed learning sessions

Our teachers set up a range of learning areas with different experiences and learning goals. The children choose a learning area that interests them and work with resources and materials tailored to that specific theme. The teacher facilitates and guides the play to help achieve the desired learning outcomes.

Small group sessions

Small group sessions are often scheduled in which the teacher guides children to explore materials and solve problems. This encourages children to learn from each other and build knowledge and understanding. That’s because we know children under five learn a lot from each other and the real art of a great early learning teacher is extending their learning through child-to-child interaction.

Large group sessions

Working in larger groups helps children understand their own learning and develop a sense of belonging and community. These sessions are run less frequently than smaller group sessions. Large group sessions are appropriate for certain shared experiences such as music and storytelling.

Predictable daily routines

Children are encouraged to operate independently by our use of predictable daily routines. Using sunscreen, tissues, and cups themselves allows children to actively participate in their personal care. Children are encouraged to help set up for activities which helps them learn about co-operation and build confidence.